The New Horizon Teaser

Video of the NEW HORIZON BMW E3 Wundercar. The car and its design invite you to think about change and challenges… about new horizons. 

„What is your New Horizon project“?


The New Horizon Interview

Interview of the initiator and owner of the NEW HORIZON project,

Christian Zschocke and the main artist Heiner Meyer.

Teaser and Interview 

by Claudia Böhnert 

COURAGE Strategieberatung

The New Horizon Theme Song

BMW E3 New Horizon Theme Song
The New Horizon Theme Song

Music by

Dennis Tjiok

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Have a look at the fabulous work of Heiner Meyer and Walter Maurer creating this beautiful Art Car - The New Horizon


The “New Horizon” is a work of art with a message.  The car and its design invite you to think about change and challenges… about new horizons.


The BMW E3 model was a milestone for BMW when introduced in 1968.  It set the template for the contemporary BMW saloon: driver focused, twin round headlamps, straight six engine (the “Big Six” which remained in production until the ‘90s), Hofmeister kink.  In many ways, the E3 came to define BMW, and revolutionised our expectations of large, luxurious and sporty saloons.  It therefore constitutes an automotive symbol of change. 


The E3 was introduced at a time of upheaval, as the ‘60s were drawing to an end.  This particular model dates from 1969, and its artwork celebrates the spirit of the time, the peak of the counterculture movement.  The Age of Aquarius dates from 1969 as does, yes, the Pink Panther TV show. 1969 was also the year of the first moon landing.  The artist Heiner Meyer’s design places the New Horizon in its original context.


After a painstaking restoration of this fully functional car, the paintwork was applied by German aerosol artist and car racer, Walter Mauer, who has painted many of the BMW Art Cars.  Walter Maurer has collaborated with artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and recently with contemporary Chinese artist, Cao Fei.  The New Horizon innovates the BMW Art Car paradigm, by using for the first time a historical car as a canvas to celebrate our future.


The New Horizon has been invited to be on display at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and the Miami and Karlsruhe Art Fairs, and was also seen at the Frankfurt Museum Angewandte Kunst.  It is displayed here courtesy of Christian Zschocke, who conceived and designed the project.



The Jury, DEC. 2016

2016 - 2018  
Artistic contest jury meeting 2016
June 2018
German Pre-Launch
MAK - Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
December 2018
Global Launch (World Premiere)
Art Miami, Florida ("most photographed piece of art of the exhibition")


BMW E3 "Grand Class"

BMW 2500 US Automatic - Chassis and matching engine no. 2150605; first series for US export; manufactured on 1 july 1969; fully functional and historically authentic.


Artistic Design:

Heiner Meyer (middle)

The artist was born in Bielefeld in 1953.

The works of Heiner Meyer have been presented worldwide in more than 200 group and solo exhibitions. His pictures and sculptures can be found in numerous public as well as private collections. His works as especially sought after in the American market. From the Hamptons to Miami, and as far away as Los Angeles, his works have already been on display in galleries and at art shows, for example at Art Miami.


Artistic Paint Coat:

Walter Maurer (left)

The German designer and university lecturer was born in Dachau, Bavaria in 1942. He is an important representative of modern cubism and expressionism in Germany. In his artworks, he often explains ethic issues against racism and extremism. He was also an artistic partner of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. 

Artistic Advisor:

Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Technical Advisor and Documentation:

Sven and Ursula Höttges, München, Germany


Body and Chassis Works:

Martin Deggelmann, Martelleria, Forstern, Germany


Engine and Transmission:

Christian Kugler, Kleineichenhausen, Germany

International Forwarding:

Marc Sieber, SATS Group, Eching, Germany

European Forwarding
Rolf Harter,, Schapbach, Germany


Regina Herwig, Wiesbaden, Germany


Frank Klaas & Horst Steuernagel, Frankfurt, Germany

Dennis Tjiok, London, UK

Video Interview & Teaser:

Claudia Böhnert, COURAGE Strategieberatung,, Frankfurt, Germany


Christian Zschocke, Bad Homburg, Germany



New Horizon Music Clip

Flashes of 1969

by Frank Klaas & Horst Steuernagel



  1. Pink Panther Theme - Henri Mancini 2:40 min - RCA/Ariola International LC 0316

  2. Aquarius/Let the sunshine - The 5th Dimension 0:13 min - Liberty Records GmbH 15193

  3. Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix 0:07 min - MCA Records  MCA13487

  4. Je t’aime moi non plus - Jane Birkin 0:10 min - Fontana  260 196 MF

  5. Get back - Beatles 0:12 min - Stroker Records New York City  5548-30


  1. First Moon Landing 0.20 min 

  2. Willy Brandt - Mehr Demokratie wagen 0:11 min 

  3. Election Gustav Heinemann 0:16. min 

  4. Woodstock Festival „Stop this rain“ 0:15 min 

  5. Anti Vietnam War Protest 0:06 min 

  6. Interview Beatles zum Rooftop Concert 0:04 min 

  7. Report First Concorde Flight 0:10 min (British Pathé 1969) 

Listen to Flashes of 1969 here 

Artist Name
00:00 / 02:44

New Horizon Art Work

by Heiner Meyer



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